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During my high school years, I was wondering what I should choose among those school colleges after I graduate. I felt so excited, nervous, happy and sad. A mix emotion that comes up to me thinking what will happen after this. A new environment will come and new teachers will be occurred but the best thing is this: new friends will be arrived to my life.

Many people says that I should think the best tertiary school here in Roxas because of the some reasons; a best tertiary school can produce best students, can give better facilities and can make the students find easiest job after they graduated in that school. I never expected that hecror college is my tertiary education because it was my second choice. One of the reasons why this school is my second choice because of its low tuition fee and best facilities. Yes it is true, coz during that time we are very poor because of my older sister will be graduated on that same year. If I refuse to enrolled at hercor college I will never been enrolled in any colleges or else I will stop. It is hard but I have no choice, I don’t want to stop and if it will happen one year of my life will be wasted.

And the new world entered to my life, a new challenge will come and a new topic will be learned. At the first day of school I was so shy, I don’t know what to do I don’t know where’s my room and who will be my classmate. I felt so empty all faces that are unfamiliar to me, faces that confused me if he/she was my classmate or not. I am cramming at that time scratching my head and thinking I don’t know what to do. But the good things that happen to me in that day is this: I meet new friends. And the day goes by I meet many people and friends, until I adopt my college life.

Many happiness come to my life, especially when there was an occasion. Acquaintance Party, Valentines Party, Campus Idol, Christmas Party, Beach Party and many more are all occasions that makes me embrace the college life. But the most important thing that I never forget during those days when I belong to the CP2B the last batch of Computer Programming in hercor college. The happiness, the courage, the friendship that they given to me was the most unforgettable thing that happened to my life. They make me matured and they make me know who really I am. A friendship that’s always eat on the people’s park after the class, a friends that me smile, a barkada’s who did not pursue me doing bad things instead they teach me the good things, a classmate who trust on what I have says and give their opinion if I were wrong. We are playing games when we have no classes and after class, I don’t forget it. I still remember their smile, I still hear their laughter and I don’t forget the happiness that we have done. It is sad to say that CP2B was vanish after we graduate but all the happiest memories will still remained in our heart.

I am proud to become a hercorian. Hercor college gave me friends that I never forget. Hercor College build me as a human, train me for what I am. I will never forget this school not only for the good memories but also the sad memories that make me a better person. A school that always helps their student to achieve their goals in life. I never forget the teacher’s that’s always gave their best to teach us every one of them has trademark to us. Ma’am Martina Robles says “you Cheat you DIE”, Sir Juan Ibuña says “what you see is what you get”, Sir Ariel Tinapay’s punchline “sa pilyido ko palang mabusog na kamo!”, Sir Jayson Moises says “okey Class Lissen.!!”, Sir Felixberto Baguyo jr. says “analyst first before you move” and Ma’am Joy Abing says ”don’t be afraid to sound maarte in pronouncing word”. Hercor college gives us low tuition fees without increase until know, give best facilities and best teacher who are very professional to their job. Thank you very much Hercor!!! God bless you!!!

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