Is everything in the world has ending?

Did you see people around you? People that are so busy in working? Studying? As you notice in your everyday life, it looks like a life is a cycle. Whatever you are doing today, you will do it again for the coming day. But how it end?

We as a student of hercor college, we are studying to have a better future. After studying and finishing the career we’ve chosen, we will apply a job. Once we already have a job, we can buy anything we wanted. Then, what’s next after gaining the wealth of this world, at the end we will leave with nothing. Every sacrifices, materials, profession that we have here will stay on earth. It will pass away. Only one thing will be consider as eternal and that is our soul. Soul that will be judge in time of facing God. Have you notice during midnight, while people are sleeping. Try to observe everything, the silence of the night and try to ask yourself. What will happen if every creature will die? No birds flying in the sky, no more animals at all. Is there still people manage the world? Who? And if ever there is, how he live in his own? Observe and try to judge? For me, only God will remain if nobody else where living. How about you? Who do you think will remain?

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